Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce that the EPS Young Mind Workshop on Fusion and Plasma for Energy, Health, and Accelerators will be organized by IEPS-TIG in collaboration with ELI Beamlines, ELI ERIC and CA21128 PROton BOron Nuclear fusion: from energy production to medical applications (PROBONO), as a satellite event at the RAD 2024 Conference. The workshop offers lectures to the students and young researchers (medical physicists, nuclear engineering, electrical engineering, nuclear and HEP physicists,...).

The workshop includes three projects:

- EuPraxia project (Laser plasma accelerators)
- Laser Proton Boron fusion
- ITER (Nuclear fusion research project)

The registration is open until June 1, 2024. Attendance certificates will be available on request.

The reduced conference fee of 330 euros is paid directly at RAD 2024 and includes everything like the regular conference fee.

The conference fee will be paid for 10 participants. The application should be submitted by the June 1, 2024 to Prof. Gordana Medin, Chair of EPS Young Mind Workshop:

The workshop poster can be found here and the leaflet here.

If you like to print the flyer, you can find it here.

For all additional information please contact Prof. Gordana Medin.

Best regards,
Prof. Dr. Gordana Medin, Workshop Chair