General Topics

Biological Sciences

• Réka Molnár, Róbert Polanek, Attila Ébert, Emília Rita Szabó, Júlia Rita Dudás, Katalin Hideghéty, Investigation of the radio-sensitizing effect of cyclin dependent kinase 4/6 (CDK4/6) inhibitors in glioblastoma cell line

• Zuzanna Biernacka, Karolina Gregorczyk-Zboroch, Iwona Lasocka, Lidia Szulc-Dąbrowska, Orthopoxvirus infection does not induce maturation of mouse FLT3L-derived dendritic cells

Chemical Sciences

• Serhii Zaruba, Anna Anatska, Vasil Andruch, Assessment of the µ-SPE-PT method for the analysis of inorganic anions: iodide determination

• Sibel Barbaros Djebbar, Fatma Tuba Gözet, Optimization of molecular imprinted polymer synthesis for extraction of quercetin

Environmental Sciences

• Tsveta Angelova, Christo Angelov, Nikolai Tyutyundzhiev, A four-year study of the pigment content on wild- growing plants at Moussala Peak

Medical Sciences

• Radostina Petkova, Emil Simeonov, Maya Krastanova, Physiotherapy program in adulthood patients with idiopathic cervical scoliosis

• Svitlana Myronchenko, Tetyana Zvyagintseva, Eva Kmonickova, Nina Gridina, Nanoformulation with antimicrobial and antioxidant properties

Pharmaceutical Sciences

• Kosta Popović, Dušica Popović, Zana Dolićanin, Jovan Popović, Convolutional integrals, spline polynomials and fractional order derivatives in more accurate pharmacokinetic, bioequivalence and individual anticancer dosage evaluations

Physical Sciences

• Tamara Krasta, Anastasiia Chekhovska, David Chvatil, Ivana Krausova, Vaclav Olšansky, Daina Riekstina, Measurements of 115In(γ,n) reaction cross-sections using bremsstrahlung photon irradiation

• Tomasz J. Wasowicz, Collisions of furan and trihydrogen cations studied by collision-induced emission spectroscopy

• Tomasz J. Wasowicz, Ivan Ljubić, Antti Kivimäki, High-resolution X-ray photoelectron spectra of isoxazole and oxazole

Technological Sciences

• Jurgis Jankauskas, Robertas Poskas, Application of the electrohydraulic shock method for cleaning resins and resin- like contaminants from metal surfaces

Special Session: Po and Radioactive Pb in the Environment

• Corina Anca Simion, Ileana Radulescu, Marian Romeo Calin, Iulia Ananina, Dragos Alexandru Mirea, Determination of lead-210 by the liquid scintillation counting method. Development of radiochemical methods for solid and liquid samples preparation in connection with gross alpha-beta and gamma spectrometry, and XRF methods

• Silvia Giuliani, Luca Giorgio Bellucci, Sediment Chronologies with 210Po and 137Cs as fundamental tools for Environmental Forensic Studies: examples from Italy

• Sonia Machraoui, Natural radioactivity assessment of 210Pb, 226Ra, 228Ra and 40K in food samples in the phosphate area South Tunisia

Specific Topics


• Polina Teplova, Aleksandra Gorbunova, Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Nadezhda Zakharova, Metabolic rate changes of the long-tailed ground squirrel urocitellus undulatus in preparation for hiberation


• Jovana Tubić Vukajlović, Ivan Simić, Olivera Milošević-Djordjević, Micronuclei frequency in lymphocytes of patients with acute coronary syndrome before and after coronary angiography

• Mirjana B. Čolović, Jelena J. Žakula, Lela B. Korićanac, Nada D. Savić, Tajana Parac-Vogt, Danijela Z. Krstić, Monolacunary Wells-Dawson polyoxotungstate as a potential anti-tumor agent

Cancer Research

• Boris Boyko, Liana Mkrtchian, Valentina Kiseleva, Ludmila Krikunova, Viktoria Gusarova, Sergey Ivanov, Irina Zamulaeva, Features of HPV infection and association with clinical and morphologic factors of cervical cancer

Environmental Chemistry

• Gordana Devic, Sandra Bulatović, Tatjana Šolević Knudsen, Jelena Avdalovic, Jelena Milic, Mila Ilic, Origin of lipid tracers in the surface soils using diagnostic indices and Hierarchical Cluster Analysis

Environment Pollution

• Jasna Paradiž, Exploring radiation effects on meristem regenerative restoration in relation to chromosome structural deficiencies: A practical scheme for assessing plant vitality at Pb emission sites in the Meža Valley, Slovenia

Food Safety and Health

• Magdalena Słowik-Borowiec, Gabriela Zdeb, The effect of fermentation by Bacillus subtilis on the disappearance kinetics of pesticide in legume seeds

• Svetla Gateva, Gabriele Jovtchev, Tsveta Angelova, Tsvetelina Gerasimova, Ana Dobreva, Milka Mileva, Genotoxic screening of the effect of Rosa gallica L. essential oil evaluated by induction of chromosome aberrations and micronuclei in plant and human lymphocyte test-systems

Health and Environment

• Maja Grbic, Aldo Canova, Calculations of magnetic flux density in the vicinity of the 10/0.4 kV substations with 0.4 kV busbars

• Maja Grbic, Stefan Obradovic, Aleksandar Pavlovic, Calculations of electric and magnetic fields at the location of the intersection of two overhead power lines

• Nina Bagdasaryan, Fatima Mafagel, Tatyana Aksenova, Valeriy Erichev, The testing of current characteristics of adaptive potential of the body in patients with catarhal gingivitis against the background of radiation and chemotherapy

Materials Science

• Anđela Gavran, Marija V. Pergal, Teodora Vićentić, Milena Rašljić Rafajilović, Igor Pašti, Danica Bajuk-Bogdanović, Katarina Radulović, Marko Spasenović, Laser-induced graphenization of poly(dimethylsiloxane)/poly(ethylene glycol) composite

• Ivana Vukoje, Jelena Spasojević, Nikolina Nikolić, Milica Milošević, Una Stamenović, Vesna Vodnik, Aleksandra Radosavljević, Physicochemical characterization of Au/PNiPAAm hydrogel nanocomposites: influence of nanoparticle shape

• Mirjana Ristić, Suzana Samaržija-Jovanović, Tijana Jovanović, Marija Kostić, Vojislav Jovanović, Gordana Marković, Milena Marinović-Cincović, Montmorillonite K10 and NaK10 as bifunctional materials: scavengers of formaldehyde from urea-formaldehyde resins and methylene blue in aqueous media

• Stefan Jovanovski, Mimoza Ristova, Structural and optical properties of CdWO4 films synthesized by chemical bath deposition

Medical Engineering

• Iwona Lasocka, Lidia Szulc-Dabrowska, Zuzanna Biernacka, Ewa Skibniewska, Michał Skibniewski, Marie Hubalek- Kalbacova, Changes of podosomes morphology in the macrophages (RAW 264.7) as an indicator of inflammation (M1) or repair (M2) phenotype

Medical Imaging

• Dimitrije Popović, Slobodan Milutinović, Miloš Vujisić, Simulation-based study of scattered radiation influence on contrast and spatial resolution in projection radiography

Medical Physics

• Barhala Mihai, Popescu Tia, Jipa Alexandru, The estimation and optimization of possible occurring errors from the commissioning of a LINAC to clinical use

• Iwona Grabska, Wioletta Ślusarczyk-Kacprzyk, Marcin Szymański, Replicate calibrations using the same method as one of the ways to ensure the validity of the results of the laboratory calibrating ionization chambers for radiotherapy centers in Poland

• Iwona Grabska, Wioletta Ślusarczyk-Kacprzyk, Marcin Szymański, Risk management in a calibration laboratory accredited for compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025 standard - practical examples

• Maria Poncyljusz, Jakub Chlebica, Magdalena Kisiel, Oskar Madetko, Dariusz Garmol, Andrzej Radkowski, Assessment of intrafraction prostate movement based on ultrasound monitoring

• Nadjla Bourbia, Radiological properties of MAGAT gel formulas

• Popescu Tia, Barhala Mihai, Jipa Alexandru, Small radiation field dosimetry and its implication in the accuracy of stereotactic treatments

• Şule Kaya Keleş, The effect of low energy X-rays on the measurement of absorbed dose using TLD-100 dosimeters in radiological studies

• Wioletta Ślusarczyk-Kacprzyk, Paulina Wesołowska, Iwona Grabska, Marcin Szymański, Adam Kowalczyk, Pilot study of HDR brachytherapy dosimetry audit in Poland

Medicinal Chemistry

• Anna Górka, Paulina Czubat, Barbara Zych, Content of selected bioelements and antioxidant potential of Urtica dioica in the body of a pregnant woman

• Barbara Zych, Anna Górka, Activity of superoxide dismutase and its cofactors in maternal venous blood and umbilical cord blood of newborns

• S. Tsoneva, M. Milusheva, R. Mihaylova, E. Cherneva, Y. Tumbarski, S. Nikolova, N. Burdzhiev, P. Marinova, Synthesis and biological activity of some novel complexes of (methylcarbamoyl) phenylcarbamate

Microwave, Laser, RF, UV and Solar Radiations

• Sonia Spandole-Dinu, Alina Andone, Speranța Radu, Octavian Călborean, Vladimir Suhăianu, Leontin Tuță, Georgiana Roșu, Exploring the effects of pulsed radar exposure on rat behavior and neural response


• Graziella Orrù, Andrea Piarulli, Ciro Conversano, Angelo Gemignani, Machine learning in cognitive neuroscience: A promising approach for early detection of Alzheimer's disease

Nuclear Medicine

• Milena Dimcheva, Quality assurance and quality control of dose calibrators used in nuclear medicine department

• Radina Mladenova, Asena Serbezova, Orphan radiopharmaceutical drugs registered in EU

Radiation Chemistry

• Aleksandar Lazarević, Sanja Petrović, Dragan Cvetković, Jelena Zvezdanović, Bojana Danilović, Tatjana Anđelković, Singlet oxygen production induced by UV-A irradiation of PPIX-SUV liposomes

Radiation Detectors

• Toshiyuki Onodera, Keitaro Hitomi, Annealing effect on TlBr crystal for gamma-ray detectors

Radiation Effects

• Beatrice D'Orsi, Rocco Carcione, Alessia Cemmi, Ilaria Di Sarcina, Jessica Scifo, Adriano Verna, Patrizio Antici , Elias Catrix, Radiation effects on electronic devices

Radiation Measurements

• Manjola Shyti, Siltana Zeneli, Erjon Spahiu, Pb-210 activity concentrations in cigarettes tobaccos and estimation of annual committed effective dose

Radiation Physics

• Mirjeta Mediji Arifi, Vesna Gershan, Mimoza Ristova, Jasminka Chabukovska – Radulovska, Baseline assessment of diagnostic Reference Level for two Digital Mammography in North Macedonia

Radiation Protection

• Audrius Šimonis, Povilas Poškas, Valdas Ragaišis, Assessment of the engineering barriers shielding effectiveness from radioactive waste disposed of in an industrial waste disposal facility at Ignalina NPP

• Denis Laryushkin, Alsu Dyukina, Alexander Shemyakov, Alexey Agapov, Gennady Mitsin, Evgenii Generalov, Radioprotective properties of Helianthus tuberosus L. polysaccharide in proton radiation

• Olga Irina Girjoaba, Medical exposure to ionizing radiation - the national results of monitoring in 2022

• Povilas Balčius, Dalia Grigaliūnienė, Modelling radionuclide transport using different representations of sorption


• Anna V. Rzyanina, Gennady V. Mytsin, Alexey V. Agapov, Konstantin N. Shipulin, Eugenia A. Gritskova, Survival of A549 cells after ultrahigh dose rate proton irradiation

• Galina Racheva, Evaluation of the assessment dose with biodosimetry methods, applicable in Bulgaria. Use of Dicentric chromosomal assay (DCA) and cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay (CBMN)

• Emília Rita Szabó, Júlia Rita Dudás, Róbert Polanek, Réka Molnár, Attila Ébert, Előd Búzás, Parvin Varmazyar, András Fenyvesi, Barna Bíró, Károly Osvay, Katalin Hideghéty, Radiobiology investigation on low intensity neutron beam with Zebrafish Embryo Model

• Rita Júlia Dudás, Rita Emília Szabó, Katalin Hideghéty, Róbert Polanek, Réka Molnár, Károly Mogyorósi, Attila Ébert, Mónika Kiricsi, Nóra Igaz, Toxicity and radiation-modifying effects of nanoparticles on zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryo model

• Speranța Radu, Alina Andone, Octavian Călborean, Sonia Spandole-Dinu, The human element: Recognizing the vital role of the scorer in the dicentric chromosome assay

• Volodymyr Vinnikov, Cytogenetic dose response on 6 MV linear accelerator: the reduced RBE of megavoltage X-ray photons is not obvious


• Brunilda Daci, Elida Bylyku, Kozeta Tushe, Dritan Prifti, Control of radiochemical purity of 99mTc-DMSA radiopharmaceutical

• Gergana Ivanova-Teneva, Rositza Kamenova-Totzeva, Radostina Kotova, Alexander Totzev, Method for determination of Po-210 in water by alpha spectrometry via spontaneous deposition


• Magdalena Gembal, Pawel Czerski, Malgorzata Warenik-Bany, Radiocaesium in Polish roe deer and red deer: 2015–2022 results

• Olga Jefanova, Jonas Mažeika, Rimantas Petrošius, Ieva Baužienė, Vitaliy Romanenko, Estimation of some natural radioisotopes in forest ecosystems at eastern Lithuania

• Pawel Czerski, Magdalena Gembal, Malgorzata Warenik-Bany, Contamination of farm animal bones with the radioactive isotope 90 Sr


• Elżbieta Wojciechowska-Lampka, Magdalena Rosińska, Jacek Lampka, Włodzimierz Osiadacz, Joanna Tajer, Agnieszka Kuchcińska, Exploring radiation therapy during pregnancy in Hodgkin's Lymphoma Treatment

• Irena Muçollari, Anastela Mano, Aurora Cangu, Artur Xhumari, Gramoz Braçe, Fractionated stereotactic radiation therapy for large intracranial brain tumours: Plan quality

• Slobodan Milutinović, Mila Pandurović, Miloš Vujisić, Dependence of dose enhancement on gold nanoparticle shape in photon radiotherapy

Radon and Thoron

• Kozeta Tushe, Brunilda Daci, Dritan Prifti, Study of radon in workplaces with continuous monitors RadonEye+2

• Susy Toma, Marco Capogni, Francesco Cardellini, Lina Quitieri, Development of a new Thoron primary standard

Waste Management

• Kęstutis Račkaitis, Francesco Orlandi, Robertas Poškas, Modelling of flow and convective heat transfer in serpentine heat exchanger

• Luigi Rinaldi, Marco Zecchiaroli, Antonio De Donato, Marco Capogni, Francesco Cardellini, Artificial intelligence radon flux measuring system at ENEA-INMRI

• M. Capogni, L. Lepore, P. De Felice, N. Cherubini, L. Silvi, M. Capone, L. Carrarelli, A. Fazio, C. Di Ianni, M. Santuccione, A. Ferrari, S. Albini, P. Sanna, F. Bondavalli, A new prototype system for producing pure CO 2 of interest for radiocarbon measurements

• Valdas Ragaišis, Povilas Poškas, Audrius Šimonis, Approach for specific clearance of tritium sources inadvertently disposed of in the landfill facility at Ignalina NPP

Other Topics

• Dariusz Adam Szkutnik, The fundamental role of information in exploring of the universe

• Mohab Salem, Robertas Poškas, Parametric investigation on a serpentine condensing heat exchanger

• Victor Rizov, Functionally graded frames under support displacements: a longitudinal fracture analysis with taking into account the non-linear relaxation

• Victor Rizov, Theoretical analysis of delamination in a viscoelastic multilayered bar built-up at both ends

• Victor Rizov, Twist velocity influence on lengthwise fracture of inhomogeneous bars under torsional loading