Dear Colleagues,

I am very pleased to announce that the upcoming RAD 2024 Conference will feature the special session(s) entitled Po and Radioactive Pb in the Environment with the following topics:

- 210Po and 210Pb in terrestrial, marine environments and groundwater
- 210Po and 210Pb as tracers in the atmosphere
- 210Po and 210Pb as chronometers in marine, cryospheric and lacustrine environments
- 210Po and 210Pb in NORM industries
- dose assessments, radiochemistry, quality assurance, kinetics and mobility
- new techniques in the measurement of 210Po and 210Pb radioisotopes

You can select this special session when entering your abstract.

Please write to me for additional information: robert.begy@ubbcluj.ro

Best regards,
Dr. RĂ³bert-Csaba Begy, Special Session Chair