I am very pleased to announce a Mini Symposium on Nanoradiopharmaceuticals in Theranostics at the upcoming 12th RAD conference.

This symposium will feature both oral and poster presentations in all aspects relating to the science, technology, design and development of Nanoradiopharmaceuticals as they relate to the development of diagnostic, therapeutic and theranostic agents. Oral and poster presentations will highlight preclinical and clinical investigations. This mini symposium will also allow both oral and poster presentations related to work in progress. Presentations from corporations can highlight advances in nanoradiopharmaceuticals in theranostics from a pipeline of new products point of view.

You can select this mini symposium when entering your abstract.

Manuscripts from presentations may be submitted for peer review and subsequent publication in a high impact factor journal: Nanotechnology, Science and Applications published by Dove Press and Taylor and Francis, of which I am the editor: About the Article Publishing Charges, you can find on the webpage: /journal_pricing_bands.php?journal_id=18

Please write to me for any additional information:

Best regards,
Prof. Kattesh V. Katti, Mini Symposium Chair