Dear colleagues and friends,

We are very pleased to announce that the upcoming 12th RAD conference will feature High Intensity Laser-Plasma Particle Sources and Applications session(s) that highlights the latest advancements in laser-driven radiation production, encompassing a wide range of particle beams (electrons, ions, and neutrons). You can select this special session when you enter your abstract.

Best regards,
G.A. Pablo Cirrone, Daniele Margarone, Goran Ristić

Dear colleagues and friends,

I am very glad to invite you to participate in 12th RAD Conference which will be held at Hungest Hotel Sun Resort, Herceg Novi, Montenegro, in the period from June 17 to June 21, 2024.

At RAD 2023 Conference, for the first time, we invited the young researchers (PhD holders younger than 35 years old) and students (undergraduate, master and PhD students) to participate. We are very happy that a large number responded to our invitation, so that they had their own oral sessions or participated in poster sessions. Their impressions were very good and I take this opportunity to invite all kinds of young researchers and students again!

We started at the RAD 2023 conference with the loyalty club and I want to send a big thank to the first ten members of the loyalty club of our big RAD family for their loyalty to this conference.

The RAD conference is very specific and completely different from all other conferences, and it is primarily for those who like those specifics!

I invite you to participate in our twelfth RAD 2024 Conference and become members of our big RAD family!

Best regards,
Goran Ristić ORCID iD icon
Chairman of RAD 2024 Conferences